Saturday, March 1, 2014

Being Lost and Finding Yourself! Be Fit for Life with Jesus!

"Seek and ye shall find" is one of the more common quotes in the Bible.  Maybe saying "Search and you will find what you have lost" fits too.  Notice the key is "seeking" or "searching."  Most people who are lost do not realize they are lost or that they have lost something and need to search.  Up until last year, I had no clue just how lost I was, and as my eyes opened more and more, I began searching and searching for what I had lost.  If someone had walked up to me and said, "I notice how lost you have been lately," I would have told them they were crazy!!!

I put things very simply.  Knowing  that you are lost and what you lost is a process.  At first I realized I had lost my mental health. Yes, I lost my mind.  My sister would say, "That doesn't surprise me!" I digress.   Recognizing that I had depression allowed me to start on the journey of health I have been talking about.  Much to my surprise, I had truly lost my walk with God also.  That surprised me most of all.  Journeying towards my spiritual health is an ongoing process, as I pray, read more of the Bible, and listen to the journeys of others, I gain a spiritual closeness with God that I have never had in my life time. 

Walking with God is a life long journey, with twists and turns, corners and cliffs,  meadows and deserts, sunshine and rain, all woven into the tapestry which is your life.  I wonder why I don't give others the chance to experience their own searching without trying to be their "savior?"  No two tapestries will look alike, be the same size, or progress at the same speed, but when our lives end, God's tapestries will be complete!!!!  We will either be complete in Him, or completely lost forever without Him!! I choose complete in Him!!!!!!

I am continuing to find my physical health also, which I truly lost years ago in the throngs of motherhood.  We have all heard it a thousand times, "take care of yourself and take the time to be healthy."  How many of us will just make the family wait 30 minutes so we can walk or exercise?   Not many.  How many of us will skip the junk food and soda for nourishment and water? Even fewer. Eating to be healthy was not my battle cry!  Fast and easy fit the bill for me.

 Open your eyes and look at the big picture.  At 56 I could live to be 100.  That is 44 more years to do the will of God and if I am not healthy in body, mind, and spirit, I will not be able to glorify Him in all I do.  There are so many chances in life to shine like Jesus.  You don't need to travel to Kenya or another 3rd world country, just look in your own back yard. There are crops to feed, weeds to pull, bushes to trim, and trees to be watered. God has seeded your own back yard, start feeding, pulling, trimming, and watering so that he can bring the lost back to Him and complete in Him!!!!   Amen. Love to you all.

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